Diana Avina

Diana Avina (AKA Davina) is an artist tropical artist the Garden Island of Kauai. Surrounded by a lush and visually stimulating environment combined with a slower paced lifestyle, she has been able to delve deeply into her inner creativity.  With a background in Biology, she had a very limited artistic background with little to go on except the beauty, patterns, and inspiration of nature. At the moment, the combination of watercolor and ink are her favorite medium, but she also likes to dabble in traditional pen and ink as well as acrylics. She sees her work as a meditative practice and hopes you enjoy the calming and satisfying aspects of the symmetry in her artwork as well as the perfect imperfections  that come with every piece she creates.

DavinaWhen she is not in the ArtLOVE studio, you can find her at the beach, practicing yoga, reading, or riding her bike. She hopes to publish a book someday. For now, she is happy creating art to brighten the journey on this path we call life.

Find her on instagram @dazzling_davina

Art by Diana