Jamie Carney

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Jamie Carney (AKA Zamondo) is an artist living on the Garden Island of Kauai. He is mostly known for his creative use of pen and ink, having developed a characteristic style. More recently he has branched into the bright world of color, experimenting with acrylic paints, 3d objects and digital renderings. His subject matter covers a broad spectrum, from local vista’s to imaginative worlds, from abstract gestures to local scenes.

ZamondoOriginally from another Pacific nation, New Zealand, Jamie grew up travelling around the countries of this great ocean including the Hawaiian islands of Kauai and Maui. He also spent time living in L.A., Santa Cruz and the San Francisco area before returning to the beautiful island of Kauai
where he now resides. He shares his life with his wonderful partner Diana, the inspiration behind his many drawings and paintings of the moon.

Find him on instagram@zamondoart